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15.04.2011 08:42 - Gay Street

So people are getting upset about a gay kiss in a pub in Soho?

I used to live near to one of the gayest streets in Cologne, and that's saying something, as Cologne is considered the gay capital of Germany.  Initially it was a bit of a surprise, as I come from a quiet corner of Staffordshire, and I'm straight.  My first contact with this was due to St.Christopher Street day way back in 2000, when the gay community built a large stage on the street in front of the Polizei Präsidium and proceeded to have a very loud celebration.  After about two hours of "Aloha Köln!" blaring out, I went down to see what was going on.  What was going on was gay Cologne camping it up and having a bit of fun, including couples having the occasional peck on the cheek.  The stage show wasn't half bad, either, being fairly witty and well-performed.  I watched for about an hour, had a couple of beers and went back.

The fact was forcibly brought home to me that I'd gotten used to it when my parents visited, and we walked back up to Heumarkt from my flat one night.  Walking down past a gay bar, my father was visibly shocked by two men coming out of it and sharing a kiss, and this wasn't exactly a chaste peck on the cheek, either.  Later on, walking back the long way from the banks of the Rhine, we passed a gay sex shop, with a large leather harness in the window, complete with a fastening that went around the male genitalia.  My mother asked, quite innocently, what it was for.

I told her it was for men who really wanted to make sure the condom wouldn't slip off.

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